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Living Successfully – Importance of Planning

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail” – Benjamin Franklin

The importance of planning for our success cannot be over emphasize, it has application to just about every area of our lives; we plan our vacation, draw plans for building a house and even plan what we will wear, yet so few of us actually plan our lives. By planning I mean having a detailed proposal on how you will achieve your objectives. It is only when the concept of a plan is defined in such clear and concise language that many come to realize what they considered plans were no more than hopes and wishful thinking. For example some wish to be fit and healthy, but make no plans to eat right and get adequate exercise; others hope to get out of debt, yet make no plans on how they will reduce their spending and then they are those who actually construct a plan only to later disregard it, like many a strategic business plan which is not followed. To achieve our goals it is important to plan. By planning we are able to better articulate and define the goal, chart a course and take action toward that goal.

Our failure to plan or implement our plans can usually be traced to a lack of accountability and focus; a professional life and business coach can be of great assistance in helping you to build the plan and stay focused on achieving its objectives.

At Living Successfully Inc. (LSI) we are here to help you succeed in planning and implementing.

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