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Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference. – Winston Churchill

With more and more academically and certified job seekers in the market, how does the business owner choose the best candidate for the job; is the most academically qualified the best option and what about experience? These are some questions many businesses and organizations face today in the quest to build the best team for achieving their objectives. In the past it was left to the trained HR officer to separate the wheat from the chaff, but as more highly qualified individuals come into the job market, who are being educated in how to take interviews, the interview is becoming less effective on it’s own in making the best selection. Today many HR personnel, business consultants, trainers, and talent scouts have been highlighting the importance of the correct character and attitude in selecting the right candidate. We see quotes such as “hire character, train skill” or “hire for attitude, train for skill” unfortunately these qualities are not easily identified in a candidate’s resume or in a one hour interview.

To help us identify these qualities we can employ tools such as psychometric testing and personality assessments, which can help in scientifically identifying these traits.

At Living Successfully (LSI) we can support with your new hires as well as the development of your current staff through the use of these tools and our team building programs. Give LSI a call and let us help you succeed.


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